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What is high speed web hosting?

High Speed Hosting uses a combination of optimized server software and hardware that maximizes the page load speed and as a result has a direct benifit on the websites profit margins and overall interest by visitors.

How do faster page loads help you?

When your visitors are able to move around your site without having to wait for pages to load, they will feel more satisfied with your business. Faster page loads have been proven to increase website conversions by as much as 20%. Switch to JackRabbit and get high speed hosting today.

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With Cloudflare, traffic is cached and routed through an intelligent global network. The delivery of your web pages are automatically optimized so your visitors get the fastest page load times and best performance.

LiteSpeed Web Server

LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS) is a high-performance Apache drop-in replacement. LSWS is the 4th most popular web server on the internet and the #1 commercial web server. Upgrading your web server to LiteSpeed Web Server will improve your performance and lower operating costs.

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MariaDB was created by a community of independent developers and is a drop-in replacement for MySQL. Not only does Mariadb have better security but the most notable improvement is the increase in speed.

Slow website?

We Do Free Speed Optimizations.

If your website is slow, we can move your site to our high speed website hosting servers and optimize your page load times at no extra cost. We’ve spent years optimizing our servers for optimal performance. Combined with specific website optimizations, you can increase your page load speed by as much as 80%. Switch to high speed website hosting today and experience the difference.

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High Speed SSD Hosting

High speed SSD hosting is a web hosting platform that uses solid-state drives (SSDs) for storing data. This type of hosting is faster and more reliable than traditional spinning hard disk drives (HDDs), making it ideal for demanding websites and applications. SSDs also use less energy than HDDs, which further improves performance and reduces environmental impact. High speed SSD hosting may be more expensive, but the improved performance is well worth the investment for many businesses.